Tin/Zinc wire coating alloys

Tin-Zinc offers excellent corrosion resistance as the Tin/Zinc acts as a barrier coating to protect the base metal.

Hallmarks Tin/Zinc plating alloys have superior corrosion resistance and appearance. What makes Hallmarks Tin/Zinc alloys stand above the rest is that we start with better than grade “A” Tin, also known in the industry as 0.005 or low lead Tin. Low lead Tin allows Hallmarks Tin/Zinc alloy to keep a brighter and more lustrous look than other alloys made with regular grade “A” tin. 

Weather your process is an electroplated process or a bath coating galvanization process Hallmark Metals, Tin/Zinc alloys are what you need to get a well-protected coating on your products. 

Typically our Tin-Zinc alloys contain 55% to 90% Tin, with the balance being Zinc. 

Please contact us with your requirements and we would be happy to discuss what is best for you.