Collection: Pewter & Brass Finishing/Deburring Wheels

Pewter wheels:  3M maroon colored pewter finishing wheels.  These are ideal for leaving a nice smooth satin finish on pewter castings.  They can be used on blackened pewter castings as well as raw castings.

Available in fine or medium coarseness

1" , 6", 8" diameter wheels

Radial Disc Wheels: These wheels have highly flexible little bristles that are ideal for cleaning and pre-finishing a multitude of different metals.

Available in:

6" wheel Yellow 80 grit

6: wheel White 120 grit

Unitized Deburring Wheels: These are used to clean and deburr pewter and other metals.

EXL2S available in 1/4", 1/2", and 1" thickness.  6 inch diameter.