Pewter flat stock

About Pewter Flat Stock

As your supplier, it is our job to provide you with the highest quality starting alloys available. At Hallmark Metals, we use only virgin materials and certified low lead tin to make our high-performance pewters.

We blend our tin with other metals including antimony, copper, bismuth and silver to create our individual alloys. All materials are processed in our centralized manufacturing facilities and given regular XRF testing to ensure your starting materials are consistent and pure. Our adherence to such impeccable quality creates pewters that run at cooler temperatures for less dross loss, provide a greater yield and help protect the life of your molds. The end result? An alloy with an excellent pour that’s perfect for casting fine jewelry, gifts, collectables, awards and other novelty items.

Available Forms

Our pewter is available for purchase in the following forms:

  • Sheet
  • Circle
  • Strip
  • Rectangle
  • Please note: Available forms vary by alloy type.


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