Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Bismuth is atomic element No. 83 on the periodic table of elements.

Bismuth has many interesting properties. It has a relatively low melting point, 520 degrees Fahrenheit making it useful for alloying with other metals.

Bismuth has a very low thermal conductivity, expands as it cools and has a very high diamagnetic value. Unlike lead it is a brittle metal, it will break onto crystalline chips when hit with a hammer.

How it is used

Bismuth is an organically-safe substitute for lead. Having the same density of lead but is non-toxic, used to make shot for shotgun shells, fishing lures and low melt alloys. We have a lot of customers who will buy the Bismuth to "grow" crystals.  They will melt the Bismuth which causes it to become a multi colored shape. 

Every Bismuth piece will produce a different shape and color when melted.

For example: