Plating Metal Anodes

We supply anodes and raw materials to the plating industry. Whether you’re looking to plate jewelry or auto parts, our high-quality materials will provide an excellent plate finish to your products.

Tin & Lead Anodes

We create hand-poured tin and lead anodes. All of our anodes come with T shaped steel safety hooks inside the plating metal. While other anodes may fall off the hook and damage your tanks, these steel Ts will last through the lifecycle of your anode. You’ll get greater longevity out of your anodes and help protect your tanks from crippling damage.

Our anodes are 4 inches wide, 1 inch thick and can be poured 12", 18" or 36 inches in length.

Nickel & Copper

We also offer nickel and copper plating materials. Plating nickel is available in Sulphur or Sulphur free chips, Crowns or square form. Our copper plating materials come in OFHC slugs or Phos.

Zinc & Cadmium

Zinc and cadmium anodes are also available. Each comes in a 2-inch ball form.

Please contact us for further information and availability of our plating supplies.