Our solder is preferred by leading manufacturers in industries ranging from roofing, electronics, automotive and more. We offer both lead free and leaded solder that has been cast to precise alloy specifications. We use only virgin materials of the highest quality for greater yields, minimal dross loss and maximum value.

Types of available solders include:

  • Lead free
  • Leaded


We keep a variety of lead free and leaded solders in stock. Customized solder alloys also available upon request. Visit our Customized Compositions page to learn more about how we can help you with your specific project or contact us for further information and availability.

Available Forms:

We offer solder in the following forms:

  • Sticks – ¼ pound, ½ pound and 1 pound sizes
  • Bars – available from 7–50 pounds each
  • Ingot
  • Please note: Available forms vary by metal type. We also do not sell solder wire at this time.



We base prices off of the present market value for raw materials. Please contact us for current prices.

Stocked Solder:

The following solders are regularly stocked and available for order:

Lead Free:

  • Pure Tin
  • 95–5 – Silver
  • 95–5 – Antimony



  • 30–70
  • 50–50
  • 60–40
  • 63–37