Metal Alloys


At Hallmark Metals, we create high-performance, low-melt and casting alloys from only the highest quality virgin metals. All of our materials are sourced from trusted, certified providers and melted in-house under controlled conditions. The high-purity of our alloys creates minimum dross loss and higher yields, and we conduct regular XRF testing to ensure quality. Our metal alloys are perfect for casting, manufacturing, plating, wire coating, jewelry, novelty items and more.

Types of available alloys include (characterized by metal compositions):

  • Low Melt alloys
    • Lead free
    • Leaded
  • Casting alloys
    • Lead free
    • Leaded
  • Babbitt alloys
    • Tin & Lead based


With 20+ alloys available in stock, we can fulfill many orders next day. Our versatility allows us to often handle even custom orders with short lead times. Contact us today for more information on availability and timing.

Available Forms:

We offer alloys in the following forms:

  • Bar
  • Ingot
  • Ball
  • Sheet
  • Please note: Available forms vary by metal type



We base all of our prices on current market values to make sure that you pay fair price for our products. Please contact us for further information and current prices for our complete product list.

Popular Alloys:

We offer an extensive selection of standard and original low melt and casting metal alloys. Examples of some of our most popular alloys are described below, or browse through the complete listing of our regularly stocked alloys. Additional custom made alloys and Babbitt alloys are also available upon request and made to customer specs.

Low Melt Alloys:

LM281– Made from pure tin and bismuth virgin materials, LM281 is an environmentally friendly, lead free alternative to other low-melt alloys. It expands as it solidifies for superior casting and is lead and cadmium free.

  • Melts at 281 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to machine and tool
  • Ideal for:
    • Creating fusible links
    • Repairing dies and patterns
    • Holding irregular and contoured parts during machining
    • Tube bending
    • Re-melting
  • Weight: Each 2 inch ball weighs 1 pound


LM160 – This low-melt alloy expands as it solidifies and is made from virgin tin, cadmium, bismuth and lead.

  • Melts at 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to machine and tool
  • Ideal for:
    • Tube bending
    • Repairing broken dies and patterns
    • Creating fusible links
    • Holding irregular and contoured parts during machining
  • Weight: Each ingot weighs approximately 1.5 pounds


Additional Low Melt Alloys:

  • LM203
  • LM255
  • LM281E
  • LM291E
  • LM293


Casting Alloys:

In addition to our low melt alloys, we offer the following lead free and leaded casting alloys.

Lead Free Tin-Zinc alloys for wire coating:

These lead free alloys are ideal for wire coating. And because they are made from only low lead tin and zinc virgin materials, any products made from these alloys are safe for your customers.

  • 70–30
  • 65–35
  • 55–45


Lead Free Casting Alloy:

  • RMZ – or Rubber Mold Zinc – casting alloy for silicone molds
  • Tin based casting alloys:
  • 92-8
  • NL7
  • MPK
  • NL5


Leaded Casting Alloys:


  • HP–88
  • 70C
  • 36C
  • 32C
  • 25C



  • 92A
  • 92M
  • 90L
  • 16
  • CT
  • B3



  • 2L
  • 5L
  • 6L


Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re happy to work with you to customize an order to your precise specifications. Please contact us for more information.